Culvert Cleaning

We Clean Road Culverts, Rail Culverts, and More

We provide culvert cleaning services, road culvert cleaning and rail culvert cleaning projects to councils, Government sectors, small and large business across Queensland  from our headquarters in Rockhampton. No matter your level of experience with culvert cleaning projects, we work with you to get you the right service with the right equipment and number of operators in the most affordable way, either by an hourly or flat rate.

Road Culvert Cleaning

Road Culvert Cleaning

Capricorn Pipe Cleaning performs road culvert cleaning to residential culverts beside or under driveways and culverts beside or under public roads.

Our culvert cleaning service is an essential part of culvert maintenance, which keeps culverts draining properly. An unmaintained culvert can cause drainage problems which ultimately damages the driveway or road, and a culvert with 20% or more reduced water flow is dangerous in the event of excessive rainfall or a flood.

We remove debris including weeds, grass, rubbish, fallen leaves, and silt from culverts, and

inspect culverts for routine and preventative maintenance. This service ensures small problems are discovered before they become unmanageable and costly, and as extends the life of the asset.

Cleaning Services and Projects

Rail Culvert Cleaning

We perform rail culvert cleaning across Queensland to rail culverts of any width, length, shape, and material. Our machinery is made for hard-to-access rail culverts with more and bigger material than road culverts.

Waste Removal

We provide culvert cleaning and waste removal packages, removing the hassle of hiring multiple contractors for one project. Our waste removal services include:

  • Regulated liquid waste removal
  • Sediment removal

Past Culvert Cleaning Projects

Past projects that Cappipe has provided culvert cleaning services to include:

  • Horizon​
  • Roadtek

Hire Capricorn Pipe Cleaning’s Road and Rail Culvert Cleaning Services Across Qld.

Our Culvert Cleaning Equipment

6000L Drain Cleaner/Vac Truck

Key features:

  • 6000L spoil tank​
  • 5000L water tank
  • 340L/min jetting
  • 30L/min non-destructive digging
  • Assorted Nozzels

Drain/Culvert Cleaner Truck

Key features:

  • 340L/min water pump
  • ​180m x 1' & 200m x 1/2' hoses
  • Multiple nozzles
  • 3000Ltr Water tank

Areas We Serve

Capricorn Pipe Cleaning provides culvert cleaning services and vacuum truck hire across Queensland from our headquarters in Rockhampton.

Some of our most frequently served culvert cleaning service locations include:

  • Bowen
  • Brisbane
  • Bundaberg
  • Cairns
  • Gladstone
  • Gold Coast
  • Mackay
  • Emerald
  • Moranbah
  • Rockhampton
  • Townsville
  • Longreach

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If you are looking for culvert cleaning services in Queensland, call us or fill out our online enquiry form today, and the friendly Capricorn Pipe Cleaning team will get back to you with an obligation free quote as soon as we can.

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